Help us to have our own land

Help us to have our own land

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This group is to raise funds to buy a small piece of land that our Foundation needs to stablish the shelter and the rescues in a save and sustainable inviroment. One euro a month is not enough for a cup of coffee, but for our rescues it means life and daily security See more of our work at

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Urgent cases of Shelter The Pigeon

Foundation The Pigeon

This project aims to build a wallet to face veterinary bills and urgent cases of all our rescues. We rescue ill, wounded, lost, and neglected city, and race pigeons in The Netherlands We are a non profit foundation for more info about our work please visit our website. thanks for your support and understanding

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Julio Flores
Julio Flores
Teaming Manager

09/05/2021 18:24 h

Para continuar nuestro trabajo con seguridad para nuestras rescatadas necesitamos ser sostenibles,

Nos ayudas a llegar a los 1.000 Teamers??

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