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Ruth Hoyas

Madrid, Spain

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We are an Animal Shelter called "El Hogar de Antón". We are located in a town in the province of CÓRDOBA. We are currently working in a group. We admit partners, volunteers and collaborators from all parts of the world. We are 20 founding partners who contribute sporadic donations to meet the needs of the shelter. Our Account number to receive your help is: Openbank IBAN: ES97 0073 0100 5105 0609 6166 THIS PROJECT NEEDS YOU. WE WILL WAIT FOR YOU!

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Asociación Solidaridad con Nuestros Niños

Somos una asociación sin ánimo de lucro que nos encargamos de obtener beneficios para la ayuda de niños con algún tipo de discapacidad (ya sea física, neuronal…), a partir de eventos solidarios, los cuales se realizan a través de Facebook o a través de algún acto solidario presencial. Nuestra prioridad es conseguir que su día a día sea mejor. Siguenos: www.asociacionsolidaridadconnuestrosniñ

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Asociación amigos de 4 patas el viso

Whe are an Asociation in de South of spain dedicated to the Rescue of Street Dogs, since a Year ago whe don't have a fisical shelter What includes we Need to pay for Foster Places at other paid shelters. The money of the donations goes to pay these Fosters, medical payments, food etc. Help us please to continue save these Street Dogs.