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Girona, Spanien

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street cats

Gats cats salt girona helps and manages the colonies of feral cats in their feeding sterilization and veterinary care. We also focus on the cats that have been abandoned trying in the foster home to lose their fears after abandonment, looking for a new family. Labor does not have the help of official entities since we are not a legalized association, so we need everyone's help to continue saving lives. Thank you very much for joining our group

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Meow cats

Rescue of stray cats, capture, sterilize drop feeding colonies, veterinarian and vaccination

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Associació El Cau de la Cendra

Asociación sin animo de lucro ubicada en Girona y destinada a dar acogida a gatos abandonados de las calles dándoles atención sanitaria y buscandoles una adopción responsable. Con tu ayuda podremos habilitar nuestro local y dar una vida mejor a muchos gatos callejeros.