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Our fight against brittle bone disease

When Martina was 2 months old, she broke her two legs while into her mothers arms. Since then, she has suffered multiple fractures that prevent her from walking normally. Our daughter suffers from Osteogenesis Imperfecta, better known as brittle bone disease. 100% of the collected funds go to entities and projects committed to improving the quality of life of patients.

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Crédito y Caución

This group was brought about to help the food banks. The idea is simple: if you join us, for each euro donated each month, the Jesús Serra Foundation will donate another to buy food, up to a maximum of 100.000 euros, while the unemployment rate remains higher than 15%.

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Teamers 4 Teaming

We help more thousands of social causes to make their projects possible every day. Since we launched Teaming, we have raised more than 18 Million of Euros for them, totally free of commissions. We have created this Teaming Group to help Teaming Foundation to keep helping the others with this platform. Among other supports, thanks to the Teamers of this Group, Teaming is totally free. Our dream: to be self-sustaining because of this Group. Would you like to join us?

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AnimaNaturalis:Por la Defensa de los Animales

Ayúdanos a conseguir un mundo libre de crueldad, los animales te necesitan. Tu donación servirá para ayudar a AnimaNaturalis en su constante trabajo de informar a millones personas de que los animales no deben ser usados como comida, vestimenta, entretenimiento ni para realizar experimentos. AnimaNaturalis. Fundada en marzo de 2003, es una organización dedicada a establecer, difundir y proteger los derechos de todos los animales.