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Yes We Help! Hope for Animals in Need!

The Center of Hope Veterinary Hospital near Bucharest provides quality care by highly trained staff led by Dr. Aurelian Stefan and Dr. Petrisor Stefan. The Center of Hope is continuesly giving her effort on being up to date with the latest advances in veterinary medicine and is working towards improving companion animal welfare through a balance of specialised services and subsidised free healthcare for the less fortunate. Please help us help them! Thank you! More details on www.centerofhope.com

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Yes We Can! Spays for a Wave of Hope!

Spay and neuter is the only way to humanely reduce the suffering of strays in Romania. Dr. Aurelian Stefan and his Dream Team are specialists in the field of large scale spay campaigns done with great professional care. Base is the Center of HOPE Veterinary Hospital near Bucharest. Please support them with your gift; if 23 people join in together in 6 years we can prevent suffering for 67.000 animals! Yes, We Can! Thank you for your support! For more details please visit www.centerofhope.com

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Teaming 4 Teaming

En Teaming trabajamos cada día para que más de 7.000 causas sociales puedan hacer sus sueños posible. Desde que lanzamos Teaming, entre todos, hemos conseguido más de 7 millones de euros para ellas. Todo lo recaudado en este Grupo se destina a la Fundación Teaming para seguir haciendo lo que hacemos. Gracias, en parte, a los Teamers de este Grupo, Teaming es 100% gratuito y sin comisiones. Y nuestro sueño es llegar a ser autosostenibles gracias a él. ¡Ayúdanos a ayudar!