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Yes We Help! RAR Center of Hope for Animals in Need!

There are many critical cases that are supported by our Animal Care program at our two hospitals, Homeless Animal Hospital (HAH) in Craiova and our Center of Hope (COH) in Bucharest. We do not turn away any animals in need, but need your continued support to be able to continue this critical program. Please help us help them! Donations will be send to WAVE, the sister charity of RAR in Romania, of Dr. Aurelian Stefan and Dr. Petrisor Stefan. Thank you! www.romaniaanimalrescue.org

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Yes We Can! RAR Spays for a Wave of Hope!

Neuter and Spay is the only way to humanely reduce the suffering of strays in Romania. Dr. Aurelian Stefan and his Dream Team are specialists in the field of large scale spay campaigns done with great professional care, mostly performed in Romania. With each 23 people together in 6 years we can prevent suffering for 67.000 animals! Yes We Can! Thank you for your support! Donations will be send to WAVE, the sister charity of RAR in Romania. More details on www.romaniaanimalrescue.org

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Dogma's Pack

Dogma is a real dog mom! She takes care of 19 rescued dogs from different country's all by herself. Stray and shelter dogs who didn't have a chance to happiness. She gives them a live, love and medical care what's hard to do on her one! She also needs a bigger place so she can safe more dogs in need and work with volunteers. Our goal is to raise money to accomplish her dream! Those dogs count on her, I hope we can count on you! If you like our project, please join our group.Thank you!