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Yes, we can help the doggies from Marius Ionut

Marius take care of 20 dogs on his own. He find the dogs in the field abonnated. Some the are ill and he takes them to the vet. He need money for the Vet bills and food. So please donate 1 euro each month and you being a big help for him

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Stichting Dierencentrum Friesland

'Animals with a past looking for a future'. No matter age, handicap, situation or origine, each and every animal in our shelter is welcome. We help. With the focus on dogs, we most of all have dogs from abroad. Often misunderstood, even traumatized, in our shelter they find their peace, and after rehabilitation we try to find them a true forever home. However, working this way, we have many, many costs. Please help us help our special animals!! Thank you!!

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Help Honden Roemenie

Neuter and Spay is the only way to humanely reduce the suffering of strays in Romania. With each 23 people together in 6 years we can prevent suffering for 67.000 animals, so each spay counts! Yes We Can! TOGETHER we can make a difference! The Dutch charity Help Honden Roemenie collaborates with the team of the Red Vets. Next coming time with the Spay Bus the Red Vets will try to reach out to the small villages to spay as many animals as possible! Please join us!! Thank you !!!

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Dogma's Pack

Dogma is a real dog mom! She takes care of 19 rescued dogs from different country's all by herself. Stray and shelter dogs who didn't have a chance to happiness. She gives them a live, love and medical care what's hard to do on her one! She also needs a bigger place so she can safe more dogs in need and work with volunteers. Our goal is to raise money to accomplish her dream! Those dogs count on her, I hope we can count on you! If you like our project, please join our group.Thank you!

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Remi Moldova

Wij zorgen voor de zwerfhonden in het armste land van Europa, Moldavië! Met elkaar zamelen we geld in voor sterilisaties, want alleen voor jezelf zorgen is al moeilijk genoeg als je een zwerfhond bent...!