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Forests from Farms

Raising livestock is bad for the planet: it's a major contributor to climate change.We want to buy farm land so farmers can change career without losing money. The land will be allowed to become forests to remove greenhouse gases from the air as well as reducing the number of animals emitting them. An efficient win-win solution that also helps biodiversity. Details at

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NALA 85480

Please help the rescue cats of association NALA85480. This is Maggy: "Hello, I am Maggy, During my short life I have already lived through a lot. I was born in a family which wanted nothing to do with us. Thus they abandoned me, with my 3 sisters and my 2 brothers in a cardboard box, at the edge of a road in the countryside, here in the Vendée. We were only 2 days old... Read the rest of Maggy's story here:

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Ligue Universelle pour la Nature et les Animaux

La Ligue Universelle pour la Nature et les Animaux est une association qui œuvre pour les animaux (toutes espèces) et pour la planète. Nous accueillons les 140 animaux dans notre sanctuaire: veaux, chèvres, moutons, oies, chats et chiens. Nous avons besoin de vous pour offrir le meilleur aux animaux !