montse dalmau venegas

montse dalmau venegas

Barcelona, Spain

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SOS Urgencias DeGats

We want to be able to help the SOS that come to us every day. Cases of sick, injured cats, or rescues in areas that are not close to us. With your help we can give support to the emergencies that are coming to us, giving information, support and economic help both to our rescues and to a particular or other association. That's why we need you, that's why you're very important!

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NEUROFIBROMATOSIS, ayuda a la investigación

Los afectados de Neurofibromatosis necesitan UN TRATAMIENTO QUE FRENE EL AVANCE DE SU ENFERMEDAD. La NEUROFIBROMATOSIS es una enfermedad rara que produce un crecimiento descontrolado de tumores por todo el cuerpo, afectando incluso a los huesos y piel además de otras complicaciones como desfiguración, epilepsia, tumores cerebrales, sordera, ceguera, problemas psicológicos y riesgo incrementado de tumores malignos. CONTIGO ES POSIBLE LA CURA.

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RAINFER: Alimenta a los Primates

Rainfer houses 130 primates that have suffered mistreatment, abandonment, loneliness and lack of basic care for many years. They cannot be returned to their habitats, so we must face the costs of their care for life and we need your help to do it. We consume 3 tons of fruit and vegetables per month with other necessary foods such as legumes or rice, represent an expense of 2,860/€. They depend on us completely. Can you help us feed them?