Mónica Saltor Jacas

Mónica Saltor Jacas

Barcelona, Spain

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Abejas Silvestres

Las abejas son un grupo de animales muy diverso y desempeñan una importante función en el ecosistema: polinizar las flores de las plantas. Una creciente amenaza a sus poblaciones por diversos factores de origen humano ha desencadenado la preocupación entre la comunidad científica y la sociedad en general. La asociación Abejas Silvestres (www.AbejasSilvestres.es) trata de entender las causas de su declive. Con tu apoyo hacemos acciones de conservación, investigación y divulgación.

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Teamer since:  23/02/2016

Fundraising for the 11th NSC of EYPE

The European Youth Parliament Spain (EYPE) is holding its National Selection Conference in Palma, Mallorca (April 13-17). This session will gather students from all over Spain to discuss several topics related to Equality relevant at the European level. EYPE is a non-profit and non-partisan entity run strictly by young people between 16 and 26 years old. This project's aim is to encourage the active participation of Spanish youngsters in policy decision-making, developing a critic point of view.

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Open Arms

We are Open Arms, lifeguards who, in the absence of action by the governments, decided to act in Lesbos, using our personal funds, with no other means than our arms and fins. With no fear other than that more people would die at sea. Now we want to go further. They needed us in Lesbos and so we went, with the help of many people like you. Now they also need us in the Mediterranean Sea. Can you help us?