Monica Hernandez

Barcelona, Spain

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Since 08-09-2019 has contributed 30€

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Teamer since:  11/11/2020

Santuario Espíritu Libre

Santuario Espíritu Libre (Free Spirit Sanctuary) it's an antispecist refuge for animals who are consider as farm animals, being exploited, abused and abandoned, and who need a second chance to live and get over not only in physically but also in emotionally terms. We are emplaced on Soria, given the lack of a space in this area of ​​Spain for all these victims.

4,557€ Raised

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Teamer since:  11/11/2020

Birds Friends

Birds Friends, protectora de aves dedicada a las especies de aves domésticas y no protegidas (urbanas, de granja, cinegéticas, exóticas) entre otros animales no convencionales al perro y al gato, a los que también ayudamos. Conoce nuestro amplio trabajo a través de nuestro Facebook: y nuestra Web: y si te gusta nuestra labor, ayúdanos con tu granito de arena, para que podamos seguir con nuestro proyecto.

68,935€ Raised

972 Teamers

Teamer since:  17/11/2020

El Hogar Animal Sanctuary Foundation

Would you like to help animals for only 1€ a month? This is your chance! El Hogar Animal Sanctuary Foundation rescues all kinds of animals from exploitation, abuse and abandonment. We are an Foundation with no subsidies, so all the 200 animals living at the sanctuary receive veterinary and food care, both physically and emotionally, thanks to micro-donations from people like you. Will you help us keep saving lives? Become our teamer.

90€ Raised

15 Teamers

Teamer since:  08/01/2021

Barcelona pigeon Rescue

Las palomas Tambien necesitan ayuda. Colabora en su rescate, mantenimiento y visita veterinaria o urgencies.

7,922€ Raised

210 Teamers

Teamer since:  19/01/2021

Lapalomatriste Sanctuary

Lapalomatriste is a Sanctuary that is especially dedicated to pigeons. It is the home if hundreds of rescued pigeons, mostly ferals in distress, brought to us by caring people who wanted to give them a second chance in life. Many of them come wounded or are disabled for life. We also take in and handrear squabs and youngsters who fell out of the nest. Join our group and help us to sustain the Sanctuary and continue to give a forever home to more birds in distress.