MariCruz Sánchez Ibáñez

MariCruz Sánchez Ibáñez

Barcelona, Espanya

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Help Xènia

Xènia is a pretty little girl became tetraplegic due the enterovirus outbreak happened in Spain on 2016. She had the most agressive strain, D68 that made several damages in her spinal chord. She's been in the PICU for 3 months having 3 heart attacks and 2 pneumonia, and she recovered succesfully. After that we'd been in Guttmann Institute, a recovery center for 6 months. We're fighting to keep her as healthy as possible Follow us in: Thank you so much,

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Casa Ronald McDonald Barcelona

Imagine, just for a moment, that vuestr@ guarantees is diagnosed with a disease and sent to a Hospital away from your city... Our Ronald McDonald Barcelona House is free to these families since 2002. Creating an environment where the child can lead a normal life while receiving medical treatment influencing their recovery.