Maria jose Ballester Morales

Maria jose Ballester Morales

Valencia, Espagne

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Balloona Matata

BALLOONA MATATA (Aid for refugees) It is a community of independent non-profit activists who, through art and education, carry out various actions for the right to refugee. Currently active on the Turkey-Syria border. They do not receive any type of public aid or subsidy. With your micro contribution of € 1 a month you can collaborate directly to make this possible. 100% of donations go directly to projects. Your help is essential. Thank you.

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Open Arms

L'urgence continue et la Méditerranée ne s'arrête pas. Open Arms repart pour continuer à protéger la vie des plus vulnérables; réaffirmant notre engagement après l'une des missions les plus complexes et les plus douloureuses à ce jour. Ce n'est que de votre main que nous pouvons les sauver. Aidez-nous à continuer.

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Animal Shelter SVPAP

We help and keep safe around 150 animals (dogs and cats), whom were victims of abandonment and/or abuse. We provide them with shelter, food, veterinary care and lots, lots of love; we are their temporary family and home. We are a non-profit entity and, to be able to keep running all this, we need all the help we could get, ¡every grain of sand counts!

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Porque en nuestro país son, todos los días, miles de animales abandonados, muchas veces en condiciones espantosas y traumaticas. Porque sus vidas corren peligro. Porque ellos forman parte de nuestro entorno aunque no convivamos directamente con ellos. Porque nuestra sociedad debe asumir que son nuestra responsabilidad individual y colectiva. Porque no perdemos la esperanza de conseguirlo. Asociación Adaana

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Una Mano Para Una Pata

Somos una asociación sin ánimo de lucro. Rescatamos , curamos y damos a los peludos en adopción.