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Wir sind ein noch kleiner, junger Verein, für den das Wohl des Tieres an 1.Stelle steht. Unser wohl größter Aufgabenbereich ist die Betreuung u. Kastration wild lebender Katzen, um die unkontrollierte Vermehrung einzudämmen und das Leid der Streuner zu lindern. In unseren Pflegestellen werden kranke Tiere aufgepäppelt u. Streuner-Mamas können geschützt ihre Jungen aufziehen. Eure Microspende kommt genau dort an, wo sie gebraucht wird - bei den Tieren! Infos:

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Kitten Safe House in Kroatien

Daniela Knezevic and Nadine Bartel lead the Kitten Safe House. They usually take on injured street cats, kitten thrown into the trash or abandoned cats. Try to look after them well and give them in good hands. They also look after feeding sites and catches the cats for castration. There are at least 60 cats in her house, all of whom need food, medicines, cat litter and medical care. This all costs money, you can help us to support Daniela and her crew!

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Squirrel Protection

As a non-profit association Eichhörnchen Schutz e.V. we take care of orphaned and injured squirrel babies and adult emergency animals. Squirrels belong to the specially protected animal species. Their biological task: distributing tree seeds and planting trees - they are the gardeners of the forest. Although we helpers take care of protected wild animals, we do not receive any financial help from the state and are very happy about your help to save the little goblins.