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The Foundation Hope & Help, non-profit social entity, has like general object the promotion and development of social works, asistenciales and charitable to avoid that any PERSON seats alone and finish with the abandonment of animals of company. PROJECTS: Bella Vella Ànima - Ànimes Bessones Mental Health and Addictions - Ànimes Bessones Violence of Gender.

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Fundación Santuario Gaia

Fundación Santuario Gaia è un centro vegano di recupero per animali considerati come fattoria, dove coloro che sono stati sfruttati, maltrattati o abbandonati, ricevono le cure necessarie per avere una vita decente per il resto della loro vita. Situato a Camprodon (Girona) nei Pirenei, circondato da foreste, fiumi e montagne. Conosci gli abitanti del Santuario qui:

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Societat Protectora Animals de Mataró

CAMPAIGN € 1 = 1 VETERINARY Our animal shelter has always watched over the animals that live in our shelters, and she fights day after day so that our animals do not see their attentions diminished in spite of the difficulties. That is why once again we ask for the help of the friends of the spAm. In this case making an appeal to the strength of the union: only 1 € of each of us means being able to hire a veterinarian to ensure the health of our animals. You add up?

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Wild animal Sanctuary "Reserva Wild Forest"

We are a wild animal Sanctuary and rescue center.