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Every 18 minutes a companion animal is abandoned. Our association has no shelter, we welcome abandoned cats into our homes to give them up for adoption and provide them with a new opportunity. Join our group and help us! With only 1€ a month you collaborate in veterinary care and food.

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Creating a place for all those cats that cannot live in a feline colony or be adopted is one of our dreams, like the solidarity vet. Cats with leukemia or other diseases for which it is not possible to return them to their colony. This group aims to generate a long-term fund of resources to carry out this project. Help us create a safe place for all those cats that need it.

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Many of the cats that come to our association collect them in terrible conditions and we must take them to the emergency room so that they can survive. Our financial resources are affected by the stacks of invoices that accumulate in veterinary medicine. Contributing one euro a month will help us cover these expenses and in the future to create a solidarity Veterinary only for stray cats.

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Many times people and companies donate food to us but rarely do they realize the importance of litter for cats. There are many kittens in our charge and every month we must buy 100 bags of sand that is about 90 euros a month just for sand. A cat does not use as much litter but groups of 30 cats can easily spend 100 bags per month. ONLY WITH YOUR HELP we can make the kittens' stay dignified and hygienic. They need you!

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With this project we seek to help cats that live poorly on the streets, due to abandonment, unwanted litters, those that are mistreated or ignored by a large part of society and that due to their age or character cannot be adopted. The aid is intended to pay for their food, veterinary care, sterilizations and the creation of shelters / huts so that they can protect themselves from inclement weather.

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Animal rescue aid fund. This aid is intended for general expenses that are generated in the rescue process. Material, medicines, food for special cases (For cats with digestive problems, or of high nutritional value for malnourished cats)

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Non profit NGO concerned with saving animals and putting abusers in the hands of justice. This group also aims at changing the law in Spain, in defending animal rights and looking after their welfare. We also actively care, provide and nurse animals in need of veterinary attention to give them an opportunity in finding a caring home.

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Nuestro objetivo no es solo recoger a un animal que este medio muerto, salvarle la vida y buscarle una familia. ¡Noooooo! Nuestro objetivo es también poner a las personas responsables ante un juez. Eso conlleva unos gastos, que no son pocos; abogados, procuradores, costas judiciales, administración, seguimiento, etc

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Asociación sin ánimo de lucro dedicada al control de colonias felinas de Sant Esteve Sesrovires, al rescate de gatos y su posterior adopción.

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Adopta Mestizos

Adopta Mestizos es una pequeña asociación que nació en Sevilla con el principal objetivo de hacer de nuestro mundo un lugar mejor para los animales. Nuestra labor se basa en el rescate, rehabilitación y posterior búsqueda de hogar de cualquier animal que lo necesite.

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Teamer seit:  19/08/2020

Fundación Santuario Vegan

Santuario Vegan was born in 2011 with the purpose that we work for every day of the year: saving and protecting farmed animals. Thanks to your support, more than 300 residents: horses, donkeys, cows, bulls, sheep, goats, pigs and poultry were saved from a certain death. Here, they receive love, care and health treatment in a natural space away from exploitation.

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Teamer seit:  16/09/2020

Fundation Silvestre

Every 18 minutes a pet is abandoned. Fundació Silvestre shelters abandoned cats in their Refuge to give them up for adoption and provide them with a new opportunity. Join our group and help us! You collaborate in veterinary care and food with only 1€ per month.

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Teamer seit:  16/09/2020

El Refugio - Escuela MARLENE

Somos un grupo de amigos que formamos la asociación El Refugio - Escuela MARLENE desde el 2005. Ayudamos a perros y gatos en situaciones límite con el objetivo de devolverles la salud, la alegría y la confianza en el ser humano. Buscamos para ellos la mejor de las familias. Conócenos en: Contacta: ¡Pasión por hacerles felices! #Adopta #Acoge

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Teamer seit:  17/09/2020

ADAA Huellas Invisibles and Adopta Mascotas Almansa

La Asociación para la Defensa Animal AlmaCats (A.D.A.A Huellas Invisibles) y Adopta Mascotas Almansa, dos asociaciones sin ánimo de lucro que colaboramos persiguiendo el mismo fin: mejorar la calidad de vida de los invisibles de la calle alimentándolos y salvar la vida de los vulnerables proporcionandoles atención veterinaria y encontrándoles familias bajo adopción responsable mediante cuestionarios y seguimientos donde vivirán el resto de su vida llenos de amor y cuidados

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Teamer seit:  28/01/2021

AICA organization; We help the unwanted cants and dogs

We take care of about 100 cats and 11 dogs, with no help from goverment. Could you help us, with 1€ by month, to feed them and provide veterinary service? Thank you very much!