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Wonderland is a private Shelter in Targoviste / Romania run by a wonderful Lady Cristina Paun. During years she safed more than 8.000 Dogs from death and hunger. Wonderland Sanctuary is a Home for +/- 1700 dogs and we have high monthly expenses to keep them all fed and cared. Many People can move a lot and help us with only 1Euro to continue our Dream from a safe Place for romanian stray dogs.

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Un'altra opportunità adozioni&stalli

We are a group of volunteers who are mainly (but not only) involved in stalls and adoptions for dogs in the South. In reality we work hard, fighting every day ... to save animals coming from lager kennels, mistreatment, abandonment and situations of discomfort in general. We have full days, almost always empty pockets :) and a great love for animals, ALL! For our mission we need your help, even a few euros, for us they make the difference!

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Bid to Save a Stray

A registered UK based charity supporting a dog rescue shelter 'Wonderland' in Targoviste, Romania. As at October 2019, the shelter is home to 1700 rescued dogs. The dogs are rescued from the public shelter and streets of Targoviste. Many of the dogs have been through a traumatic experience at the public shelter where they are beaten and starved and need special attention when they arrive at Wonderland. We raise funds to enable Wonderland to care for the dogs whilst they wait to be adopted.

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Santuario Compasión Animal

Santuario Compasión Animal es un centro de rescate para animales de granja. Ofrecemos hogar a animales que han sufrido explotación, maltrato y abandono. Les proporcionamos una vida digna, alimentación, cuidados veterinarios y todo lo que necesitan para vivir en paz. Queremos un futuro en el que los animales sean tratados con compasión y respeto, un futuro en el que no haya crueldad hacia ellos.
 Nuestra labor y nuestro propósito es salvar animales.

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Santuario Capra Libera Tutti

The Animal Sanctuary Capra Libera Tutti is a place where animals which are usually considered as products are saved from exploitation and slaughter and find refuge. About 200 animals live in complete freedom, here they are not considered neither ingredients nor products. For their maintenance, for medical care and for the preservation of the facilities, constant help is needed to ensure that this place can continue to exist and resist. The total costs exceed 100 euros per day.

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Rescate,rehabilitacion,cuidado y adopción de animales abandonados.Todo el dinero irá destinado a los sin voz que tanto nos necesitan,convertimos tu euro en vida ❤️

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Gastos veterinarios Fundación El Hogar Animal Sanctuary

La Fundación El Hogar Animal Sanctuary rescata animales muy dañados físicamente y maltratados psicológicamente. Animales que han sido explotados y que han vivido en pésimas condiciones; a consecuencia de ello, sufren muchos problemas de salud. Para recuperarse necesitan cuidados muy especializados y a en muchos casos tratamientos que deberán recibir de por vida. Tu ayuda garantiza los cuidados veterinarios fundamentales para los más de 200 animales rescatados. Muchas gracias!.

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Leben für Streuner e.V. , Projekt Hilfe für Italiens Streuner

Hilfe für Italiens Streuner, ein Projekt des deutschen Tierschutzvereines Leben für Streuner e.V., hat es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht, Streunern in Italien zu helfen. Wir unterstützen das Projekt Oasi Nuova Vita in Manduria, Apulien. Hier leben bis zu 100 Hunde die als Notfälle unterschiedlichster Art von uns aufgenommen und versorgt werden. Ferner haben wir ein Projekt ins Leben gerufen, womit wir arme Menschen mit Futter für ihre Tiere versorgen und wir diese auch auf unsere Kosten kastrieren.