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Triantafyllia Petrou

Triantafyllia has a small shelter in Greece and works tirelessly to expand it. Meanwhile, there is a fence and huts for the dogs, but each month the concerns about food and veterinary costs remain the same. Here we would like to support a bit. You can do that with only one euro a month!

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Strays of Porto Heli

This group supports Stefan and Jutta, a German expat couple, in their work with the street animals in Porto Heli/Greece. They look after, care for and treat almost 50 straydogs every day. About 30 dogs live together with them on their property, the Ark. If you want to know more about Stefan's and Jutta's work with the dogs, you can find us on Facebook "Porto Heli's Strassentiere-Strays of Porto Heli".

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Help for stray animals in Greece

Hello my dears! As you have already read more often, Eri moves as a single fighter in the mountains in northern Greece day after day quite incredible things and can not be discouraged by difficult conditions. We want to support here and buy food or needed medicines. That's why we need you!

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Frieden für Pfoten- Peace 4 paws e.V.

Meist sind es die Schwächsten und Wehrlosesten, Kranke und Behinderte, die in Krisengebieten am meisten leiden. Das gilt auch für Tiere. Unsere Organisation möchte ihr Elend lindern, widmet sich den Härtefällen, den kranken, verletzten Tieren, die in ihrem Heimatland keinerlei Chance auf Vermittlung haben.Unser Ziel ist die Unterstützung von Partnerorganisationen und privaten Helfern vor Ort, die Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe. Dabei brauchen wir Ihre Hilfe !

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Verein für hilfebedürftige Tiere

Our small association ist helping in Europe with food, medicial care, castrations and others. Our main activity is at the moment Greece.

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Robin Hope Medical Fund Help for stray animals in Greece

Veterinary costs are always the number one concern for a shelter. Which is why we depend on support for neutering, operations on street animals and animal shelters!

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Mavropigi Dogs - das Dorf der vergessenen Hunde.

This village had to be cleared a few years ago for coal mining. The people were resettled, unfortunately, for me and my buddies probably no room in the new home of our people. WE WERE ROAD DOGS !!! We need a shelter (resettlement), fences need to be set, regular veterinary care and of course food needs to be funded. In addition, it can not be foreseen whether all of us can ever be contacted. We need you !!!