Júlia Muñoz Esteban

Júlia Muñoz Esteban

Barcelona, Spain

Teaming Manager in 1 Groups

Teamer in 1 Groups

Contributes every month: 2€ to 2 Groups

Since 06-07-2020 has contributed 22€

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414€ Raised

41 Teamers

Teaming Manager since:   06/07/2020

We guarantee daily breakfasts and quality education in Mali

Djouma is a small NGO that defends the right to inclusive and quality education in Bamako. With your support in Teaming, we will be able to cover the breakfast of students who hold a grant from our Kalan Yiriwa program. The program supports young people at risk of dropping out, and guarantees their school fees, a health fund, tutoring classes, and a daily breakfast. With 1€ we can cover 4 breakfasts. With 5 Teamers we guarantee a daily breakfast for one child for a whole month. Join and share!

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4,270€ Raised

81 Teamers

Teamer since:  10/11/2020


G&G RESCAT Associació de Rescat de Gossos i Gats Asociación sin ánimo de lucro dedicada a ayudar y proteger a perros y gatos desafortunados, maltratados o abandonados garantizando su cuidado y bienestar durante su estancia en el Centro de Rescate y promoviendo su adopción para ofrecerles una nueva oportunidad