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Therapies to give them a better future

Helping Alba - Groups list

Helping Alba

1 056 Teamers

87 604 € raised

Alba is a smart, funny, nice girl. Although we could rather say "was", because on 21 March 2016, a terrible accident happened. A family member, in a state of shock due to an epileptic seizure, dropped Alba from a third floor. Some doctors wanted to throw in the towel, but Alba wanted to live. Now she has a lot of brain damage and a long process of neurorehabilitation before her so she can recover and get back to her old self. Help her!  Saiba mais...

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Make things right for Martin - Groups list

Make things right for Martin

163 Teamers

1 160 € raised

Martin was born with malformations, one of which was a cleft lip. When he was operated on, what was supposed to be a relatively simple operation became complicated and Martin ended up in the ICU. There, he was accidentally extubated and went into respiratory arrest for 15 minutes. He made it back, but with spastic tetraparesis cerebral palsy. Every week, he has 3 hours of therapy, which represents about €360 per month. Do you want to help him?  Saiba mais...

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Xana can overcome it all - Groups list

Xana can overcome it all

526 Teamers

61 497 € raised

After a premature birth at 25 weeks, Xana spent a year in the ICU and came out with a diagnosis: cerebral palsy. But her parents never gave up. Thanks to this, Xana is now 14 years old and communicates with pictograms and signs and understands everything that is said to her. Every week, Xana has physiotherapy, occupational therapy, pedagogy and speech therapy. The result is here, but it comes at a very high cost: in total, every month, it's €1000 for Xana to keep progressing. Can you help?  Saiba mais...

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Jorge's dream - Groups list

Jorge's dream

299 Teamers

16 219 € raised

Jorge suffered a feto-fetal transfusion from his twin brother Cristian at 36 weeks of pregnancy, resulting in severe anaemia. Cristian was not so lucky and passed. After 17 days in the ICU, Jorge seemed to be progressing well, but eventually he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Since then we have been helping him with many therapies and orthopaedic devices. We have a dream: that he can walk. Can you help us to make it possible with 1€/month?  Saiba mais...

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Ainara - Groups list


408 Teamers

22 997 € raised

Ainara has a rare disease that causes her a multitude of symptoms, but the good thing about her illness is that everything that advances with therapies stays with her. That's why her family gives her all the therapies she needs to walk and communicate: physiotherapy, equine therapy, music therapy, occupational therapy... but these are private therapies that the family has to pay for. Do you want help them pay for the therapies so that Ainara doesn't stop getting better?  Saiba mais...

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Hugo, believe in yourself - Groups list

Hugo, believe in yourself

1 035 Teamers

23 338 € raised

Hugo was born completely healthy, but an undiagnosed Kawasaki virus during the pandemic caused a cerebral infarction and a large lesion. Although he managed to survive, the after-effects were too great for the little boy. Doctors did not believe in him, but his family will never give up on Hugo to get him back to the boy he once was. With treatments every day and all over the world, Hugo is making great progress, but he needs more. Can you help them to make Hugo the boy he was born to be?  Saiba mais...

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Help anywhere where help is needed

They will continue to stand by Syrian refugees - Groups list

They will continue to stand by Syrian refugees

921 Teamers

35 955 € raised

12 years of war in Syria have left millions of victims and 5.5 million refugees. But the situation for refugees continues to worsen in the aftermath of the pandemic, the war in Ukraine and the earthquakes in February. UNHCR continues to support them with cash to cover basic needs, as well as their access to health, education, shelter and livelihoods. Help them to stay by their side.  Saiba mais...

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100 Teamers = 1 life in Ethiopia - Groups list

100 Teamers = 1 life in Ethiopia

1 523 Teamers

121 136 € raised

Iñaki was a volunteer doctor at Gambo Hospital in southern Ethiopia. The situation of the centre and the region had such an impact on him that he decided to return as director and help to transform it. Thanks to one of the projects they have created, severely malnourished children are hospitalised for 3-4 weeks until they regain a minimum survival threshold and can start eating again. Every 100 Teamers can finance one of these stays. Would you like to be a Teamer as well?  Saiba mais...

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Every life matters - Groups list

Every life matters

3 436 Teamers

213 778 € raised

The emergency continues and the Mediterranean crisis does not stop no matter how hot or cold it gets. Open Arms is sailing again to protect the lives of the most vulnerable; reaffirming its commitment that every life counts and as long as there are people who throw themselves into the sea, Open Arms will rescue them to save their lives. Only by your hand can they save them, as they have more and more obstacles to navigate and rescue. Help them to continue saving lives with €1 a month.  Saiba mais...

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UNICEF: Thousands of children need vaccines for survival - Groups list

UNICEF: Thousands of children need vaccines for survival

206 Teamers

4 297 € raised

Thousands of children need vaccines to survive. In 2021, 18 million children received none. Not being vaccinated puts them, their families and their communities at risk of disease and death and denies them the chance to live healthy lives. By becoming a Teamer, you will help UNICEF continue to work to ensure that every child in the world will be vaccinated, every child will be protected.  Saiba mais...

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Breakfasts to educate and protect in Yemen - Groups list

Breakfasts to educate and protect in Yemen

2 782 Teamers

137 566 € raised

In Yemen, 83% of the people have nothing. Many girls drop out of school and are married off with the hope that they will be fed. They are put through hell: abuse, rape, pregnancy. If schools provide food, families are more likely to bring them. We offer daily breakfasts (milk, bread, eggs, cheese, fruit) for 525 girls to ensure their attendance. Your euro makes a great difference, join them!  Saiba mais...

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Doctors Without Borders needs you - Groups list

Doctors Without Borders needs you

1 356 Teamers

28 553 € raised

Doctors Without Borders provides medical and humanitarian assistance to those who need it most, wherever they are. We have already made it possible to vaccinate children against measles in several countries (Democratic Republic of Congo and Somalia), to care for pregnant women in humanitarian crises, and to provide urgent medical care to children suffering from malnutrition in Nigeria. Become an MSF Teamer to make their help possible, come what may!  Saiba mais...

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Rare but not invisible

A cure for Dravet - Groups list

A cure for Dravet

229 Teamers

21 221 € raised

Dravet syndrome is a rare and catastrophic form of epilepsy that affects children and adults. Every 100 Teamers, annually, make possible to correctly diagnose 12 children, or train 15 people as carers or hire the eyes and hands of a researcher for 10 days to develop a drug or prevent 3 or 4 children from getting inadequate treatment in the ICU... They need to be many, many more to achieve their challenge. Will you join them?  Saiba mais...

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Because of Aitor, we don’t surrender - Groups list

Because of Aitor, we don’t surrender

895 Teamers

64 929 € raised

Aitor (3-years-old child) was diagnosed with Duplication-mecp2 syndrome in November of 2013. Aitor couldn’t communicate with people as a child of his age should, he had breathing problems and he could barely sleep, all this as a consequence of his disease. There are only 120 cases in the world, and 23 of them in Spain. The life expectancy of these children is 25 years. Sant Joan de Déu Hospital (Barcelona) has opened a research for finding a cure.  Saiba mais...

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€1 to investigate Multiple Sclerosis - Groups list

€1 to investigate Multiple Sclerosis

427 Teamers

10 822 € raised

Multiple Sclerosis is a neuroimmune disease suffered by 55,000 people in Spain. Every year 1,800 new cases of MS are diagnosed in Spain. The GAEM Foundation promotes the development of biomarkers to improve the prognosis of the disease and to shorten the research time for new treatments. They bring the best treatments and technologies to patients, supporting research and innovation. Can you help them with €1 a month?  Saiba mais...

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DEBRA Association - Groups list

DEBRA Association

899 Teamers

59 341 € raised

Imagine not being able to hold your baby for fear of hurting them because their skin is as fragile as a butterfly's wing. Butterfly skin is a rare and incurable disease that prevents the different layers of the skin from being held together and wounds are created by the slightest touch or even spontaneously. Anyone could have a child affected. The DEBRA Association offers social and health care, training for professionals, advocacy and support for research.  Saiba mais...

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Prader Willi, a residence to live safely - Groups list

Prader Willi, a residence to live safely

448 Teamers

9 134 € raised

Prader Willi is a rare disease with a multitude of conditions. The most problematic is their need to eat compulsively because they never feel satiated. Because of this, the boys and girls even risk their lives to get food. The Mil Diferencias residence is the only one in Spain specialised in the disease, but it is much more than a centre: it is the place where all of them can live happily and safely.  Saiba mais...

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Help save their smiles (FSHD) - Groups list

Help save their smiles (FSHD)

158 Teamers

9 117 € raised

Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy (FSHD) is a rare degenerative and genetic disease characterised by a marked facial inexpressiveness, progressive muscle weakness and whose sufferers have a highly variable disability, even losing the ability to walk and total dependence on third parties for a large part of their lives. They need you to take the first steps towards a potential research. Will you join them?  Saiba mais...

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Some joy in their everyday life

Pallapupas: laughs are healing - Groups list

Pallapupas: laughs are healing

359 Teamers

29 145 € raised

When a hospitalised person has to undergo surgery, being able to enter the operating theatre laughing is priceless. The Pallapupas work to make room for laughter and humour during the illness process. Thanks to your help, with humour they can unblock fears and anguish, improving the experience of the illness and contributing to the emotional wellbeing of the patients. Help make these visits possible with €1 a month!  Saiba mais...

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VOZES, music is a powerful way to change lives - Groups list

VOZES, music is a powerful way to change lives

111 Teamers

682 € raised

Music has a miraculous power in the lives of less fortunate children. Being able to be part of a choir and/or orchestra where they can perform and be one more, is a boost of self-esteem and confidence in their day-to-day life and in their life in general. VOZES offers this musical education completely free of charge to children in vulnerable situations, but they need more support to continue helping them. Do you want to be part of the change in their lives?  Saiba mais...

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In favor of the elderly - Groups list

In favor of the elderly

180 Teamers

14 733 € raised

The mission of Fundación Alicia y Guillermo is to work by, for and with older people, in order to tackle situations of social exclusion and unwanted loneliness, and to promote their development, participation and effective inclusion in society. They tackle five challenges that affect many older people: loneliness, inequality, exclusion, dependency and ageism. With 3 Teamers, every month an older person enjoys an activity. Will you join them?  Saiba mais...

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XAMFRÀ: music and theatre for all - Groups list

XAMFRÀ: music and theatre for all

681 Teamers

55 545 € raised

Xamfrà is an educational and artistic initiative for social inclusion. Thanks to the use of music and the arts, coexistence and social inclusion in the community. They work for the inclusion of people in vulnerable situations and at risk of social exclusion. Currently 300 children and young people from 24 different countries participate in their activities. Do you want help them give scholarships so that everyone can participate?  Saiba mais...

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Supporting people with disabilities - Groups list

Supporting people with disabilities

134 Teamers

5 335 € raised

Somriu work for the inclusion of all people. They offer support to people with disabilities and their families to achieve a better quality of life, facilitating their participation in society through activities to promote personal autonomy and enjoyment of leisure. During holiday periods, they organise social gatherings where they live together and share with other people. Would you like to join them?  Saiba mais...

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Bubisher, libraries for Sahara - Groups list

Bubisher, libraries for Sahara

228 Teamers

16 353 € raised

Bubisher's libraries and bookmobiles are an oasis for the Saharawi people living in the refugees' camps (Tindouf-Algeria). Access to other realities through books, plays and talks that they organise themselves allows them to forget the reality of their lives. Because everyone has the right to enjoy culture and leisure. Bubisher has already opened 5 libraries, help them maintain them!  Saiba mais...

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We give wings to their capacities

Isidre Esteve Foundation - Groups list

Isidre Esteve Foundation

139 Teamers

9 267 € raised

The Isidre Esteve Foundation works to improve the quality of life of people with physical disabilities after an accident or illness through sport and physical activity. They focus on what they can do, and not on their limitations, to improve their mobility and abilities. They have two centres, one in Barcelona and the other in Galicia. These Centres bring people who have acquired a disability back to their daily lives. Do you want to help them with €1 a month to maintain them?  Saiba mais...

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Cana Foundation - Groups list

Cana Foundation

374 Teamers

3 339 € raised

Caná Foundation offers holistic care to people with intellectual disabilities. With the new centre, which is equipped with the latest technology, they attend more than 200 people every day. But it is not only the technology, it is also the great human treatment that each one of them receives: because each boy or girl is treated individually so that they can reach the maximum of their abilities and improve their lives. In addition, they also organise weekend activities and summer camps.  Saiba mais...

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Aspace Soria - Groups list

Aspace Soria

136 Teamers

2 736 € raised

Cerebral palsy is very different in each person: from mobility problems to severe mental retardation. To improve their quality of life, ASPACE Soria offers all kinds of care and therapies. In order to be able to attend more people, with better facilities and even have a residence, ASPACE Soria is building a new centre in the city. They are about to inaugurate it, but they need help to finish it and then to maintain it.  Saiba mais...

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In defence of the voiceless

A.D.E. in defense of horses and donkeys - Groups list

A.D.E. in defense of horses and donkeys

1 206 Teamers

81 521 € raised

ADE takes care of any horse or donkey that has been abandoned or is at risk of being put down. Many are abandoned when they are no longer fit to run or work, or simply because they are old. Also, they have constantly changed owners and lost ties with their herd or human family. ADE takes in more than 150 animals in various shelters, but the costs are unaffordable. Join them with €1 a month to take care of them and let them live in freedom and in a herd until the end of their days!  Saiba mais...

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Gaia Sanctuary for animals - Groups list

Gaia Sanctuary for animals

6 955 Teamers

603 629 € raised

Fundación Santuario Gaia is a vegan rescue and recovery centre for more than 500 animals considered to be farm animals, where those that have been exploited, mistreated or abandoned receive the care they need to live a dignified life for the rest of their lives. It is located in Camprodon (Girona) in the heart of the Pyrenees, surrounded by forests, rivers and mountains. Every month, they spend €20,000 on food alone. They need us, can you help them with €1 a month?  Saiba mais...

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Bombay Family, leukaemic cats shelter - Groups list

Bombay Family, leukaemic cats shelter

1 338 Teamers

23 723 € raised

Soraya took in Bombay, a cat, when she was pregnant and about to give birth. A few days after birth, the kittens began to get sick one by one. They were all positive for leukaemia. All the adopters backed out. Soraya, far from abandoning them, set up a shelter for leukaemic cats. Since then, she has been taking care of the Bombay family and other cats that have passed through the shelter. Because with good food and treatment, these cats can live. Can you help her take care of them?  Saiba mais...

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MONA Foundation, primates shelter - Groups list

MONA Foundation, primates shelter

1 202 Teamers

72 014 € raised

At MONA Foundation, primates recover from the mistreatment they have suffered as circus performers, television artists or even pets. Many of them have lived long years in absolute solitude and terrible conditions, but the rehabilitation centre provides them with an excellent home, where they recover by living as a family with their fellows, in a natural environment. Teamers pay for the primates' fruit and vegetables, will you join them?  Saiba mais...

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GREFA: rehabilitation of wildlife and its habitat - Groups list

GREFA: rehabilitation of wildlife and its habitat

204 Teamers

10 761 € raised

GREFA was created to study and conserve nature and biodiversity, with special attention to the native fauna with the most conservation problems. They do this through actions such as captive breeding, reintroduction or reinforcement of wild populations. Its Wildlife Hospital has attended to more than 60,000 animals, to the point of being considered the largest and busiest in Europe in its speciality. Do you want to help them with €1 a month?  Saiba mais...

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A new life and family for all animals - Groups list

A new life and family for all animals

4 256 Teamers

262 863 € raised

Foundation Animal Rescue rescues animals that have been mistreated and abandoned. They help them recover and work to find a family to give them the home they deserve. With the illusion and the contribution of everyone they can achieve this. Between 30 and 50 volunteers and 3 workers make it possible for the animals to be cared for 24 hours a day, every day. Every month, these are very important veterinary expenses, can you help them with €1 per month?  Saiba mais...

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1€ to fight childhood cancer

Sant Joan de Déu Hospital: for a better chance of overcoming pediatric cancer - Groups list

Sant Joan de Déu Hospital: for a better chance of overcoming pediatric cancer

1 259 Teamers

61 726 € raised

Hospital Sant Joan de Déu Barcelona has created a specialised paediatric cancer centre. Every year, 400 new patients are treated, where they are offered the most innovative treatments with the least possible sequelae. The hospital aims to increase the chances of a cure, in an environment where their emotional well-being and that of their families is a priority. Teamers support the precision oncology programme for children who do not respond to conventional treatments. Can you help them?  Saiba mais...

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Niños contra el Cáncer - Groups list

Niños contra el Cáncer

222 Teamers

9 637 € raised

"Children against Cancer" is a project of the Clínica Universidad de Navarra to help families with insufficient resources to access specific treatments to cure their children with childhood cancer. It also helps research in the search for solutions to defeat this minority disease, especially bone sarcomas and childhood brain tumours. Help them to support families with ill children.  Saiba mais...

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Juegaterapia: kids in hospitals deserve more - Groups list

Juegaterapia: kids in hospitals deserve more

1 131 Teamers

80 665 € raised

Juegaterapia is a foundation formed with a single objective: to make the lives of children in hospitals more bearable. They collect all types of used consoles and video games and distribute them to children's oncology areas in hospitals throughout Spain. Juegaterapia is carrying out a pioneering initiative in Spain that recovers disused hospital rooftops and turns them into gardens so that all children can play outdoors in a green and playful environment. Will you join them?  Saiba mais...

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Join their fight against cancer - Groups list

Join their fight against cancer

146 Teamers

4 072 € raised

Because cancer touches us all (according to the WHO, one in three men and one in four women will suffer from cancer in their lifetime), CRIS is me, CRIS is you, CRIS is all of us. The CRIS Foundation was created with a single objective: to defeat cancer through research. An enormous challenge, but one that justifies all the effort, talent and commitment necessary to achieve it, and which also fills us with hope and life every day. Will you join them?  Saiba mais...

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Everyone supporting Anita and other children with cancer - Groups list

Everyone supporting Anita and other children with cancer

309 Teamers

33 040 € raised

Anita was 2 years old when she was diagnosed with cancer. Unfortunately she was unable to overcome it, she fought with all her strength for almost 4 years, but the lack of research into her tumour and, therefore, of effective treatments to cure it, took her away forever. The association raises funds in order to research childhood cancer and finance programmes in palliative care units that improve the quality of life of the brave little ones and their families. Make it possible with €1 a month!  Saiba mais...

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They have touched our hearts

TARDOR: a soup kitchen for all - Groups list

TARDOR: a soup kitchen for all

504 Teamers

26 833 € raised

TARDOR aims to alleviate the effects of poverty and social exclusion of people who fall outside the welfare system. It responds to the basic needs of food, security, sanitation and residential space. The aim of its work is to help people regain their dignity. Hundreds of food plates are currently given every day in the canteen and the Family Care Centre. Can you help them with €1 a month?  Saiba mais...

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Hope for the homeless in Barcelona - Groups list

Hope for the homeless in Barcelona

429 Teamers

9 592 € raised

Arrels accompanies the most vulnerable people living on the streets of Barcelona to achieve a more autonomous life by covering basic needs: accommodation, social and health care. Every year they guarantee stable accommodation to more than 260 people who for many years had been living on the streets. Each euro received allows them to cover the cost of a flat, which is around €500 per month. Can you help them to help more people?  Saiba mais...

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Bring hope to people who need it - Groups list

Bring hope to people who need it

326 Teamers

11 782 € raised

Every year, the Telephone of Hope answers almost 200,000 calls thanks to 1,500 volunteers who are there 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Feeling listened to is the first step to prevent suicides. With your help, they can continue to be there for thousands of people who need hope. 1€ from each Teamer, a person can be listened to for 50 minutes. Will you join them to help them keep their lines open?  Saiba mais...

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Menudos Corazones Foundation: a home away from home - Groups list

Menudos Corazones Foundation: a home away from home

159 Teamers

2 699 € raised

Every day 10 babies are born with congenital heart disease in Spain. In their first year of life, 1 in 3 will need to be hospitalised away from home for an average of 26 days. Menudos Corazones works to improve the lives of these children and their families. With the accommodation programme, they provide a free home near the hospital where they can rest and recuperate, so that their only concern is their little one. By joining this Group, together, we make a home possible for these families.  Saiba mais...

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Charitable Firemen of Barcelona - Groups list

Charitable Firemen of Barcelona

323 Teamers

26 103 € raised

A group of firemen and firewomen who wanted to help a little are managing to change many lives thanks to the monthly support of €1 from their Teamers. With €1 a month donated by each person, they make it possible for children to have presents for Christmas. But also families affected by autism or a rare disease feel supported. Firefighters in Chile can go out to save lives every day. And that children with childhood cancer have fewer sequelae. Can you help them?  Saiba mais...

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Recuérdame against Alzheimer - Groups list

Recuérdame against Alzheimer

212 Teamers

2 094 € raised

More than 800,000 people are diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. A disease that causes loneliness for the patient and for the family, who do not know how to deal with the diagnosis. Recuérdame tries to break this loneliness by accompanying patients, carers and the whole family with therapies, emotional support and cognitive stimulation material. They want no family to have to experience the loneliness that they themselves experienced with their loved ones.  Saiba mais...

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Their fight is ours

Triple Negative Breast Cancer - Groups list

Triple Negative Breast Cancer

378 Teamers

4 148 € raised

Triple negative breast cancer is the most aggressive cancer, the most resistant to treatment and the most likely to reproduce. This means more women do not survive it. To change this situation we have to invest more in research that will lead to more effective treatments for this type of breast cancer. Only research will ensure that more women survive. Can you help to keep the research going?  Saiba mais...

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Help women to start a new life after human trafficking - Groups list

Help women to start a new life after human trafficking

215 Teamers

12 945 € raised

SICAR cat offers comprehensive care to victims of human trafficking. SICAR cat takes in women victims of trafficking and sexual exploitation, offering them dignified and safe accommodation as well as social and health care, legal advice, socio-occupational support, etc. With the support of the Teamers, they help them to recover their identity with legal advice. With their documentation, they obtain their rights so that, little by little, they can start a life free from suffering.  Saiba mais...

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No mother should die in childbirth - Groups list

No mother should die in childbirth

354 Teamers

17 292 € raised

The aim of Alegría Sin Fronteras is that no more mothers die during pregnancy and childbirth and no more newborns die from preventable causes. They do this by raising community awareness of the importance of attending prenatal check-ups and giving birth in a health centre. By training midwives, creating the Gambo neonatal unit and providing rural health centres and the Gambo rural hospital with the necessary equipment to deal with childbirth and its complications. Will you join them?  Saiba mais...

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