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Greyhoundfriends NL is an Dutch organization with years of experience with greyhounds and galgos. Our organization stands up for these beautiful dogs who have lived under miserable conditions and now stay in Spanish shelters from Scooby, PAWS & Baasgalgo. GreyhoundFriends fosters and arrange adoptions. Our special attention goes to the greyhounds, galgo's and podenco's who have been waiting a long time in shelters. We also offer help to the Dutch greyhounds in need.

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Medical costs for our fosterdogs is a Dutch organization. We work together with Spanish animal shelters, foster dogs before they are ready for adoptions. We are specialized in traumatized dogs, older dogs. Dogs who won't get adopted easily. We set up Teaming because we receive no funds from a Dutch organization, we provide for the needy dogs with donations.

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