Actualización de cómo va la causa
Koren Helbig
Koren Helbig, Teaming Manager, el 30/05/2017  a las 14:04h

Hey lovely Teamers,

As you may have heard, Easy Horse Care was once again targeted by thieves recently, who stole a €700 water pump and other expensive tools used by Rod to maintain the centre. Just awful.

This is why the sanctuary so desperately needs its secure new boundary fence. Construction is currently underway, but Sue and Rod are still just under €4500 short of the overall target they need to complete the project and properly safeguard their animals.

Together, we can help them! Please help spread the word about our Teaming group, as all funds we raise here will be donated to this project up until it is completed. The more people we have here donating just €1 a month, the quicker they will be able to finish building the wall and prevent future robberies.

Please, share this page with your friends and family and encourage them to sign up. Every euro makes a difference!

Thanks so much,

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