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Actualización de cómo va la causa
Sara Mampel, Teaming Manager, el 02/04/2021  a las 05:06h

Dear all,

We are very happy to announce that on 21st of March we started a new canteen in a hospital near our café premises (Holy Spirit hospital). This is a very beautiful opportunity, as the sisters of the hospital allowed us to serve our food for a symbolic renting price. Their impressing kindness allowed us to keep our spirits high and work towards helping more boys and girls in risk, so then, our team has increased from 11 to 15, as there are many youngsters who have lost their job and are in extreme conditions.

We had face some difficulties this last month of march, as a 2nd wave of COVID 19 started in the city, so due to the night curfew, we need to close early, and it is affecting our sales. Luckily, our activity has increased significantly in our new Canteen, and it sales is saving our project. We are constantly trying to find ways to keep the project alive and running.

Thank you so much for all your trust on us, you are a big support and, if we are still running, is also because of you!

With all our love,

Bombay to Barcelona Library Café Team

Fabián Sancho Sánchez
Fabián Sancho Sánchez, Teamer, el 03/04/2021  a las 09:32h

Thank you is a very small word for all of you. I´d like to repeat it again and again. Don´t give up and continue with your dream with your angel´s help. Hundreds of big hugs for all of B2BLC team, now in the new canteen too.

Sara Mampel, Teaming Manager, el 13/07/2021  a las 19:42h

Thank you Fabian for being always there! We are because of you :)

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