Teaming FAQS

What is Teaming on video

The keys of Teaming

  • One Euro a month:

    Per person and per each Teaming Group with which he collaborates. No more, no less.

  • Automatic process:

    The monthly Euro is automatically deducted from your current account.

  • No commissions:

    The Euro you donate each month is allocated, entirely, to the social cause supported by the Group.

  • Secure

    Teaming meets all online security protocols.

  • Transparent:

    We send the most important notices to all Teamers in a Group.

  • Helps people:

    The amount of aid to social causes increases day by day with Teaming Online.

  • Open to all:

    Anyone who wants can do Teaming.


  • Teaming Manager

    The person who creates and leads a Teaming Group.

  • Teamer

    The person who joins a Group that is already created.

  • Teaming Group

    Group of people who join together to support a social cause.

  • Social Project:

    The social cause which is to be supported and which is chosen by the Teaming Manager or by all the members of a Group.

  • Beneficiary:

    The person/entity that receives the donation of a Teaming Group.

  • Contribution:

    The monthly contributed by a person to each Group he collaborates with.

  • Donation:

    The amount allocated to help a charitable cause. The more members there are in a Group, the larger the donation.

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