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Teaming FAQS

Teaming Manager guidelines on video

How do I create my Group?

If I'm a Teaming Manager...

    In this section, we'd like to show you a couple of examples and recommendations on the types of Groups that can be created on Teaming. What are my responsibilities as a Teaming Manager?

What are my responsabilities as Teaming Manager?

    When you create a Group you become its leader, in other words, its Teaming Manager. The role of a Teaming Manager is very important in order for the Group to grow and remain active and it is for this reason that we would like to show what the responsibilities associated with this role are:

  • As Teaming Manager you commit to providing updated information on the social cause your Group collaborates with and answer all the questions and concerns the Teamers may have.

  • As Teaming Manager you commit to being active within the Group and not leave it unattended. If the latter is the case, after 3 months we would open up a process to elect a new Teaming Manager to take charge of the Group.

  • As Teaming Manager you must promise to be transparent with all of your actions and be in charge of making sure the money raised by your Group gets to where it needs to go - by which you can make a transfer through Teaming - to the beneficiary of the social cause chosen.

  • If you're a Teaming Manager and you want to leave the Group that you created yourself, it is imperative that you look for a replacement and find a new Teaming Manager. You must go to your Group's page and click on the "Add a Teaming Manager" link that you'll find under your profile information. When you have completed the selection process you'll have to wait for the Teamer to accept the responsibilities associated with being a Teaming Manager. The moment that Teamer accepts, he/she will become the new leader and you can leave the Group.

  • If you're a Teaming Manager and you wish to delete your own group, you can, but first you need to release the money raised and donate it to the social cause you collaborate with.

What functions does a Teaming Manager perform?
  • He has the responsibility of leading the group he creates

    The Teaming Manager is the leader of the group he created and therefore has certain responsibilities: to publish updated information on the cause being collaborated with, to maintain good communication with the Teamers in the Group and must be very transparent in all his actions. Basically, the trust established amongst all members of the Group and its growth will depend on the Teaming Manager.

  • He is the first to contribute 1 euro per month to Group

    As the creator of the group, the Teaming Manager becomes the first person to contribute 1 euro per month to his respective group.

  • Invites people to his Group

    He can invite more people to join his group. The people who join his group will become Teamers.

  • Chooses the social cause the Group works with

    He can choose the social cause to which the donation will go to or he can reach this decision jointly with the rest of the Group members or Teamers.

  • Makes the donation to the recipient

    He is in charge of making the donation to the social cause on behalf of the Group. When the donation becomes effective, all Teamers receive a notification letting them know that the money has been allocated to the social cause chosen.

  • Chooses to close / change the project

    The Teaming Manager is the one who decides to close / change the social project.

  • Can view the Teamers' payment history in the Group

    The Teaming Manager can always see the Teamer's payment history. That is, he can see how many euros each Teamer has contributed to the Group and if any of them had any payment errors.

    Important: The Teaming Manager will not be able to see any debit / credit card or checking account numbers entered by Teamers.

  • Can edit the Group's information

    The Teaming Manager is the only one who can edit the Group's information and is in charge of uploading photos, documents and videos related to the project / social cause.

  • Makes all important communications within the Group

    The Teaming Manager is responsible for making important communications to members / Teamers in the Group, either through the forum or through messaging.

  • Can be a Teamer in another Group

    A Teaming Manager can also be Teamer in other groups. In this case, he can have a double profile.

  • Can choose another Teaming Manager for his Group

    If you want one of your Teamers to help you manage your Group you can name that person a Teaming Manager (remember that there may be more than one in each Group). Simply go to your Group's page and access the "Add a Teaming Manager" link you'll find under the information on your profile. When the selection process has been completed, you'll have to wait for the Teamer to accept the responsibilities associated with the Teaming Manager role so that Teamer can lead the Group with you. Remember you always have the option of turning the Teaming Manager you selected back into a Teamer.

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