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Associació Me merezco Galgo más

We are a non-profit association dedicated to rescue and bring greyhounds and other dogs, mostly discarded from hunting, from the rest of Spain and find them a suitable home here in Catalonia preferably, although we have adopters in many parts of Spain. We need help to pay for residences, transfers, feed, veterinary care, sometimes sterilizations, and other expenses for their maintenance. Thank you very much for your collaboration.

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Sanctuary pure love

Me dedico al rescate, acogida y cuidado de todo animal que lo necesite. Este grupo y sus recaudaciones serán destinadas única y exclusivamente a los animales rescatados del Refugio. Las facturas de gastos veterinarios u otros serán publicadas por instagram y si existiera cualquier duda sobre la gestión de los ingresos puedes contactar conmigo. ¡ Muchas gracias por aportar tu granito de arena y bienvenido a la familia puro amor, entre todos formamos un gran equipo !

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Caldes Animal struggles to improve the well-being of abandoned animals when the number of abandonment seems to increase and society seems to not want to assume responsibility for animal defense. Every year, the unprotected dogs and cats protect themselves with wounds and problems of socialization for ill-treatment. We take care of them and put all our human heat in finding a new home for all of them. Help us to help them!