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Matos Animal welfare

Dear friends, there is so much suffering with so many animals that it is impossible to help everyone and everywhere. So I thought about just collecting a little money and throwing it into a pot that I would like to call emergency funds. So maybe it is possible to support one or the other emergency. For reasons of transparency, everything that comes in or goes out is listed on this homepage https://www.matos-tierschutz.de.

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Help for Strays e.V.

Help for Strays e.V. is a Germany-based non profit organisation which supports the private animal shelter "Riska" in Belgrade, Serbia. It is home to approx. 250 dogs and 30 cats. The shelter feeds the animals and provides medical care. It is financed through donations only. Your donations contributes so that the shelter can stay the refuge and hope for Belgrades strays. https://www.facebook.com/Help-for-Strays-eV-aktuell-100712037960244/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJhCakTWs8izKyXRxFUDIYQ