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Destino Uganda

Destination Uganda is a state NGO dedicated to International Cooperation for Development. We fight for the eradication of poverty by defending the rights of children in vulnerable situations. Our project is located in Iganga (Uganda) where we work to improve the living conditions of a shelter for orphans and street children. In addition to giving them security with a home, health and school coverage, we educate them through music.

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Malayaka House rescues orphaned and abandoned children in Uganda and offers them a new life with new opportunities. We provide a secure home where our children can thrive in an environment of love, equality and respect. We support them with nutrition, education, and vocational training. We can do a lot for them with your monthly euro donation! Join our Friends of Malayaka House group and become a member of our large family! :) From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!

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Somos una Asociación de defensa animal cuyo objetivo es promover la tenencia responsable, visibilizando y luchando contra el maltrato más generalizado: el encadenamiento o la reclusión continuada en jaula de los perros, prohibido desde enero de 2018 en la Ley 4/2017, de protección y bienestar de los animales de compañía en Galicia