Legal Agreements Teaming

2. General terms of use for teamer users and website visitor users


These Legal Terms regulate access and use of the website services.

The purpose of this website is to be an open platform for micro-donations by users who join a Group contributing one Euro a month in order to support the social cause of the Group.

In this respect, TEAMING aims to create a community of sympathetic users interested in making a donation of 1 Euro/month to the project associated with the Group in which they participate or to the Group with no associated project in order to accumulate a sum of Money and use it jointly among all members of the Group for a project. TEAMING provides USERS with the following services:

  • - General information about the Groups created on (what the Group consists of, what project or projects donations will be used for, donations received to date, number of Group members…)

  • - Access to the news published by TEAMING on Teaming success stories and related subjects.

  • - Making a monthly donation of 1 Euros (Teamer users and Teaming Manager users)

  • - Join one of the Groups created on ( registered users only)

  • - Creation of a Group and registration as Teaming Manager ( registered users only)

  • - Leading a Group (Teaming Manager users only)

  • - Creating and publishing a public form on the website (registered users only)

  • - Internal messaging service for Group members to communicate with each other privately (registered users only)

  • - Possibility of publishing contents about the Group (Teaming Manager users only)

  • - Taking part in the forum of the Group of which you are a member (Teamer users and Teaming Manager users)

  • - Sending invitations to the Group (Teamer users and Teaming Manager users)

  • - Viewing the payment history of a Group (Teaming Manager users only)

  • - Publishing a project (Teaming Manager users only)

  • - Making a donation to the beneficiary of the project (Teaming Manager users only)

  • - Viewing the payment history of Teamers (Teaming Manager users only)

Use of the Website implies full acceptance by the user of the provisions of the Legal Terms in the version published by TEAMING at the time the User accesses the Website.

TEAMING also informs Users of this Website that these Legal Terms may be changed without notice. Therefore, TEAMING recommends you to read these Conditions every time you use the Website.

Certain services offered to USERS through the Website may be subject to their own particular terms which, depending on each case, replace, complete and/or modify these General Terms of Use. Therefore, before using these services, the User should also carefully read and accept the relevant particular Terms.

TEAMING reserves the right to deny access to any user whenever it deems appropriate and to unsubscribe a Group in the event of it violating any third party right, or if the Group is not being properly managed.

TEAMING will only provide the services indicated when the contents do not violate any legal provisions or these Legal Terms.

TEAMING may delete any illegal or suspected illegal contents from the Website without notice.

The User recognizes that it is not technically possible to achieve 100% availability of the Website. However, TEAMING shall endeavour to keep the Website available as constantly as possible. Particularly for reasons of maintenance, security or capacity, and due to events over which TEAMING has no influence (for example, anomalies in public communication networks, power cuts, etc.), brief anomalies or the temporary suspension of TEAMING services may occur.