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Associazione U.N.A. di Pontecagnano

The group U.N.A. Carmine Longo was created by Carmines father, who, as an act of remembrance, want to continue helping stray dogs, injured animals and find foster homes, after his pet-loving son died in a horrible motorcycle accident in 1997 while he tried to transport a dog to his forever-home.

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Tierobhut e.V.

We rescue dogs from species-non - appropriate keeping, abuse and from killing stations. We help exactly where dogs are in need. Therefore we do not think in terms of national borders. With our small animal shelter in Hemmoor (Lower Saxony) we offer a first rescue station for dogs in need. Above all, we make sure through our mediation work that our dogs have a real chance of a happy life in a new home.

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Help Italian Strays

Der Verein ‘Tierschutzprojekt Italien’ hilft den Straßenhunden Süditaliens. Reiner "Adoptionstierschutz" verbessert die bestehende Situation nicht, deshalb wollen wir vor Ort etwas ändern. Wir unterstützen das italienische Tierheim "Canile Aipa" in Atripalda, wo ausgesetzte Hunde aufgenommen werden. Mit einem Kastrationsprojekte wird die Situation der Strassenhunde nachhaltig verbessert.