Belén Roca Sansano

Las Palmas, Spagna

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The Animal Academy - Fuerteventura Animal Shelter

We are a refuge for farm animals rescued from abuse and neglect on the island of Fuerteventura. By giving them a second chance, here they become superheroes and give a voice to all those who, like them, have suffered at the hands of human beings. These animals present all kinds of ailments, but in the refuge they find a place to live the life they deserve without fear. Lend us a paw to help take care of them, and become part of their stories!

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Asociación protectora Burrita Carmela

Ayúdanos a cuidar a los 24 burros de nuestro refugio, nos dedicamos a la protección, divulgación, acogida y rescate. Todo lo que recaudamos es exclusivamente para los burros, como gastos veterinarios y alimentación. La asociación se fundó el 8 de marzo de 2019, contamos con una experiencia y formación previa en psicología y cuidado del burro desde hace 15 años. Burrita Carmela está situada en El Barrio Gumuzio de Amorebieta-etxano. Bizkaia.

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The Animal Academy - Ángeles

¡ANGELS WANTED! You can help our dream come true of obtaining a forever home to refuge our rescued farm animals. We are looking for Teamers to help cover the monthly rent of this new plot of land, which in 5 years we will have the opportunity to purchase as our forever home. This will allow our superheroes to fly high above their past situations of pain, hunger and fear while we move further towards the life they deserve.