Bárbara Patricia Gómez Costa

Bárbara Patricia Gómez Costa

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Cineastas en Acción

Somos una ONG formada por profesionales del audiovisual, que intenta fomentar el intercambio cultural entre África y España a través del cine. Organizamos talleres de formación profesional en Senegal. Además, destinamos dinero para un fondo médico y realizamos talleres de formación profesional con las mujeres. Nos interesa proporcionar una imagen de África distinta a la de pobreza y conflictos que se suele recibir de los medios de comunicación tradicionales.

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Balloona Matata

BALLOONA MATATA (Aid for refugees) It is a community of independent non-profit activists who, through art and education, carry out various actions for the right to refugee. Currently active on the Turkey-Syria border. They do not receive any type of public aid or subsidy. With your micro contribution of € 1 a month you can collaborate directly to make this possible. 100% of donations go directly to projects. Your help is essential. Thank you.

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Open Arms

The emergency continues and the Mediterranean does not stop. Open Arms sails again to continue protecting the lives of the most vulnerable; reaffirming our commitment after one of the most complex and painful missions so far. we can we save them by your side. Help us to continue.