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GALGOS EN FAMILIA es un refugio de galgos fundado por Vera Thorenaar. Su trabajo es rehabilitar y conseguir adopciónes. Nuestros galgos se entregan con analíticas hechas, microchip,castrados,cuestionarios y visita de casa y contrato. GALGOS EN FAMILIA is a shelter for galgos founded by Vera Thorenaar.Its main aim is to rehabiltate & find adoptions.Our galgos are adopted chipped,tests,castrated,questionnaires,home visit & contract.

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Galgos & Amigos

Wij zijn een non-profit organisatie die een aantal door ons geselecteerde Spaanse shelters financieel steunt. Check onze Facebook site voor meer informatie!

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Pat's Rescue Retreat

This is Humphrey . He was 13 years old and had spent all his life on a chain . We rescued him from his horrible situation cleaned him up and loved him and although he only lived another 6 months we did everything we could to make up for his terrible start in life . This is why the retreat was established - to rescue abandoned ,abused dogs and to find them new loving homes where possible . If the dog for whatever reason cant be re homed then their home is with us for the rest of their lives.