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Support Anja Biezeman's Stray Animals

Anja Biezeman is a lovely Dutch woman, living in Pilion, Greece, taking care of stray animals. A lot of them stay in her own home, others are still strays around her house, but Anja looks after them with food and support when needed. She tries her best with the minimum funds she has, to make sure the animals are fed and healthy. Most of her personal income does she spend at food, vetbills, catsand and deworming pills. Please help Anja!

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Einfach Tierschutz e.V.

Nuestra asociación tiene como objetivo mantener un refugio de 400 perros que cuidamos y tratamos diariamente. Somos la única esperanza para estos perros y necesitamos tu apoyo para seguir a su lado.

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Hilf24 e.V. soporta animales desfavorecidos. Desafortunadamente, como activista de los derechos de los animales, que muchos clubes no dan ninguna posibilidad a los animales con discapacidad. ¿Crees también que todo animal tiene derecho a vivir? ¿Te gustaría ayudar a ciegos, de tres patas ... para animales con discapacidades? ¿Animales que no pueden sobrevivir sin tu apoyo? Entonces ayuda ahora con solo 1 € Las donaciones no se utilizan para personas. Por favor comparte, gracias! Erika Janoske

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Stichting Save a stray - Stray animal funding

Hi, we are Bianca & Dayony and Stichting Save a Stray is our charity which helps organizations and rescuers who are working with/for stray animals abroad. With the collected funds we support any organization or personal rescuer who needs help. We support randomly, just who needs it the most. We already supported projects in Spain, Greece, Maroc, Sri Lanka and Romania and many other countries. With your help we can do more! Will you be our next Teamer?

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Catties angels - PS Boldesti

This group is made to raise funds for PS Boldesti. All donations raised through this group will be used to buy food for the dogs that are in PS Boldesti.

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Cats of Curacao

To this day, I care for 192 cats on a daily basis, on the Island of Curacao. They are cared for by providing food and water, medical care, Spay and Neuter Programs (TNR). I also take care o community cats, by trapping them and make sure they are spayed and neutered. Furthermore I educate the islanders on how to take care of their feline friends.

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Animal Love and Rescue

We are a dog rescue center, foster dogs until they get adopted. Currently, we are building a new resort and we are in need of money. We also have some sick dogs, that we take care of every day. We are always in need of money to buy food, extra healthy food for the sick ones, medication, vet costs, and of course the new resort. Due to corona, it's very difficult to get donations in. But we believe our animals are worth it! They give unconditional love and friendship. They are everything for us!