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Global chance for animals/Fundacion Mi Mascota animal rescue

Mi Mascota ist eine staatlich anerkannte Stiftung, die sich um Tierrettungen, Kastrationen, Aufklärung über das Tierschutzgesetz und dessen Umsetzung kümmert und eine Auffangstation mit ca.250 Tieren unterhält. Sie agiert überwiegend in Santo Domingo, bzw. in der Dominikanischen Republik. Um diese Stiftung finanziell zu unterstützen, wird diese Gruppe gegründet

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SOS ARMS Saving Orphaned Souls Sheila's Animal Rescue Mission Romania

S.O.S. A.R.M.S. - Saving Orphaned Souls Animal rescue mission Sheila ngo based in Brasov Romania . ❣️ALL LIFES MATTER ❣️ Your monthly contribution will be so helpfull for paying rent,utilities, workers, emergencies ( dogs hit by cars, cruelty cases,abused dogs from killing shelters) , spaying projects to decrease the number of strays , to prevent unwanted puppies and victims of cruelty ) , keep full tummies. Thank you for caring ❣️

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Meals For Starving Stray Dogs In Romania

ROLDA is an international charity that helps abused, neglected, abandoned dogs in one of the poorest regions in Romania. Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome homeless animals, responsibly and humanely. ROLDA's sanctuary comprises two shelters for 750 dogs, a few cats and a donkey. ROLDA offers social programs that help provide underprivileged dog owners with food, sterilization, and identification for their pets. We also help horses and donkeys receive medical treatment.

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Welcome to my Teaming Group. My name is Cristina Icleanu, I’m a Romanian rescuer involved in animal welfare since several years. You can find out more about my work through my FB Page and website Today the emergency is that I must move from the land that I rent to shelter my rescues. I’ve bought a new land located north of Bucharest and I must start to build my future Rescue Center and rehabilitation of traumatised dogs. For 1€ per month be part of a unique project, my Sanctuary

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Ramona and the "lucky" dogs

WE NEED YOUR HELP! I have more then 70 dogs + 10 cats in my care and manage to feed more then 30 dogs from forest + steets.. We ask for HELP, because i do nearly everything on my own without an organisation in my back. We need food, toys, deworming and antifleea, blankets and beds, warm clothes for dogs and help to pay vet treatments. Join teaming and support us with 1€ per Month or donate to PayPal A big thanks to people who donate/ send stuff an to my FB friends!