angela maria jimenez moran

angela maria jimenez moran

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Voy a tocar las nubes

Somos los papas de Jordi, un niño de un añito que al nacer sufrio una paralisis braquial del brazo izquierdo. Queremos recaudar el dinero para poder pagar las terapias que necesita nuestro pequeño (fisio, fisio acuática, osteopata, etc..) ya que son terapias muy caras.

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#ElTaxiUnido #ILoveTaxi

Non-profit initiative. was born with the intention to unite the sector and inform citizens and not our dear users. The account is of all the people who are part of this sector taxi drivers and users as we both benefit, #Eltaxiunido born with the absolute need to unite a giant sector, but a sleeping giant that slowly wakes up and makes it full of passion , ideas and a lot of heart.