Amanda jane Reynolds

Amanda jane Reynolds

Málaga, Espanya

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Soscocker - Amor por los Animales pasión por los Cockers Asociación española que lucha contra el abandono y el maltrato animal en especial de esta maravillosa raza que son los cockers

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Santuario La Candela

Tenemos nuestro Santuario ubicado en el término municipal de La Puebla del Río,Sevilla . Luchamos por una vida digna para animales que sufrieron la explotación,la cría,el maltrato y/o el abandono.Todos nuestros animales conviven JUNTOS y en LIBERTAD en toda la extensión de nuestro santuario (perros,gatos,ovejas,caballos,..) ¡Necesitamos vuestra ayuda para seguir rescatándolos! ¡Ayúdanos a ayudarlos! @santuario_lacandela

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A rescue and rehoming sanctuary for abused, neglected and abandoned Galgos and Podencas in Malaga, Spain. Entirely voluntary funded, this charity has saved the lives of many Galgos left to die on the streets. All our dogs are vaccinated, neutered, and rehabilitated before we place them in forever homes. This group is to raise money for ongoing running costs and vets fees for special cases like Ebro.

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Fundación Benjamín Mehnert

The Benjamín Mehnert Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to the situation of pet animals that suffer abuse or neglect in our country, focusing mainly on the rescue, recovery and relocation of greyhounds in family homes, providing them a new opportunity as pets. Although mainly we are dedicated to the recovery of greyhounds, currently in our refuge live more than 700 animals...

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Asociación Valencia Perrera Dogs

AVPD, Asociación Valencia Perrera Dogs, are a registered charity in Spain (G98900228). Our objective is to find rescue spaces and other safe and caring opportunities for the dogs saved from perreras (dog pounds) and for those found abandoned on the street.

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Last Chance Animal Rescue

Last Chance are a registered Charity and Protectora of Animals in Malaga Spain. We work daily saving animals from lives of abuse, neglect and sickness. We take in abandoned animals from the pounds and the streets, who will die without our intervention. We have a comprehensive re homing programme, strict neutering policy, and a dedicated small team of volunteers who ensure every animal we can save has a healthy and happy future, with emphasis on improved quality of life. Please help us.